Amazing benefits of LEMON for your skin

ImageLemon is one of those multi use miracle workers I swear by just like Coconut.
I use lemon for many different things just like I use coconut. I’ve already talked about benefits of drinking lemon water for your inner health and weight loss but here I am going to tell you a few amazing benefits of using lemon on your (face) skin!

Before I go on, I need to mention this important thing:

The way I do this is: Every other night, I cut the lemon in half and rub all over my face. In the morning I wash it off with cool water. BUT this may not work for everyone this way. The acid in lemon may be too much , too harsh for some skin types. It may irritate it, and cause break outs.
IF YOU HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN, do not apply lemon directly –  squeeze out the…

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