HOW-TO: Men’s “TemplFade Trend” aka the Brooklyn Fade or Low Fade


Beauty Industry leader, educator and inspirational speaker, Rodrick Samuels is “Staying Sharp” and teaching you the skills to stay sharp too. As a free-lance artist specializing in cutting, multi-cultural hair and an expert with a set of clippers, Rodrick innovative edutainment style will motivate any barber, stylist, student or teacher.

As founder of Profile Barber Institute, his award winning school and Profile Corporate, two companies that merge barber-stylist education and advanced trainings for all of the beauty and barber industry, Rodrick passion for teaching and learning has embraced him with a Stages Certification and his ability to communicate thoughtful and engaging content is what sets him apart as a well-received speaker and leader.

In the video below, Samuels shows you how to achieve the “TemplFade” also known as the Brookyn Fade, Flow Fade or Blow Out, a popular men’s hair style that gained popularity in the early 2000s.

Click the photo for the full read and video How-To!


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