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Oscars 2014: Best of the Boys


Via – At the 2014 Academy Awards, the leading ladies might have stolen the show, but the Oscar men definitely gave them a run for their money. While we bid adieu to the man bun seen at The Golden Globes, this year’s Oscar style went dapper with delightfully tailored, neatly coiffed men’s looks. Here, are a few of our favorites.

THE SIDEPART: A classic and clean cut with a precision sidepart. This look features sides of the hair that are kept longer and not as tailored.

As seen on: Jonah HillLeonardo DicaprioJason Sudeikis


THE ANTI-POMP: Relaxed and stylish, this look features longer hair at the crown and shorter hair on the sides. Subtle-volume is created for extra height and dimension.

As seen on: Channing TatumChris Evans, Bradley CooperBrad Pitt and Mathew McConaughey



OTHER STANDOUTS: Jared Leto’s Ombre Waves and Michael B. Jordan’s Classic Fade



Top Newsworthy Stories This Week


It seems like everything is looking up in today’s industry news, positive outlook for the industry, Frederic Fekkai and.. men’s facial hair transplants:

Salon and Spa Industry Sees Solid Gain in Fourth Quarter 2013 (modern salon)

Increases in staffing, traffic, and retail led to the increase in the last quarter of 2013. This means things are looking up for 2014! Read about it on

Frederic Fekkai Dishes About More Than 20 Years of Luxury Success (LATimes)

After more than 20 years of success send high end products that are coveted by from hollywood consumers to Missouri, Frederic Fekkai dishes about his customers, his brand and whats next.

More Men Getting Facial Hair Transplants and Everyone is Talking About It (NPR)

Apparently there has been a huge rise in men’s facial hair transplants over the past year. Do you think this is because of the enourmous popularity of men’s  hair and grooming over the recent years?

The 9 Most Popular Backstage Beauty Products (The Cut)

Every wonder those magic products that behind the scenes makeup artist use? Look no farther than your own kit. See the top 9 products that all the makeup artists backstage during this fashion month were using!

HAIR COLLECTION: A Wink and a Nod to ’70s Hair Styles



Salon owner, hairdresser, and owner of Cool Beauty ConsultingBennie Pollard has made it his mission to spin the positive among those who come in contact with him on a daily basis. Pollard, a multiple NAHA winner, is the owner of the award-winning Hair by Bennie and Friends Salon in Louisville, KY, and creator of BennieFactor andGAGE FOR MEN products.

In this hair collection created by Pollard called b Confident, it features integrated layering which provides freedom and movement to the hair, and perimeter layering which provides subtle graduations. Utilizing these advanced layering techniques showcases the brilliant tone-on-tone dimensional color. With layers, texture and personality, b Confident is a modern view of this pivotal decade.


Hair: Bennie Pollard and his Cool Beauty Consulting Team: Paula Henson, Lindsay Simanek, Christy Sowder, Rachel Ehringer, and Brittany Griffith

Make-up: Lesa Miller

Photos: Ed Brown

NEW HAIR COLLECTION: “!PoP!” by Adam Sculnick


Matrix Professional Haircare and Color Artistic Educator Adam Sculnick took inspiration from the 1950s pop art movement for his latest collection. He shared his color formulas, styling techniques and his thoughts on the collection with MODERN.

“The bold colors, contrasting textures and impacting images of the women of cartoons and 1950s pop art trend inspired !Pop!,” Sculnick says. “My collection of colors, cuts and styles are crafted after legendary trends like Jessica Rabbit, Roy Lichtenstein and the Archie comics.”

Sculnick says this is his largest project to-date and was excited for the challenge of recreating classic cartoon imagery in a modern, evolved way.

Extension Invention: Industrial Lengths Tape-in Extensions

Salon 1800 in Lincoln Park, Chicago, offers a new method of hair extensions—a virtually invisible, easy to apply, tape-in system called Industrial Lengths. Using 100 percent Remy human hair, the extensions come in 17 shades, (straight or wavy texture), and are applied to the client’s natural growth pattern and easily form to the head shape. SALON TODAY talked with Helene March, creator of the line, CEO of Fine Line Distributors and owner of Salon 1800, about her new extension invention!

Benefits: While some hair extension application methods require the use of bonding, knotting, weaving or welding, which can cause serious strain to the hair, Industrial Lengths ensures full support with complete flexibility, causing no tension breakage or drag, promotes healthy hair and requires no heat for application or removal. As far as coloring, you can color your client’s hair with them applied, and tone them but not lift them.

The Process: Every client who wants Industrial Lengths hair extensions has to come in for a consultation. During the consultation their hair is examined, and the extensionist determines if it’s the right fit for a client’s lifestyle. During the consultation they do a color match, and then order the hair. The client makes another appointment for application.

The Application: Start by clarifying the client’s hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove the impurities and extra product. The hair is brushed out, blow dried, and the wefts are applied on the sides, the back, and then is continued around the hairline. To apply a weft, you apply at least two fingers width above the top of the ear and a quarter of an inch from the part line. Check placement of each weft, and secure by pressing down with index finger and thumb. Remove protective strip, and add liquid adhesive starting in corners and filling into the center with a small brush applicator. Let dry.


How long they last: Three months

Things to Avoid: Natural oil breaks down the tape, so do not apply conditioner to the top of the head. Keep any thermal tools three inches away from the tape. Avoid any oil products at the top of the head.

Maintenance: Make sure to shampoo under and over extensions to get all oil washed away from the adhesive. Apply a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and leave-in conditioner from mid-shaft to ends. Direct a powder dry shampoo at wefts to remove extra oils.

Removal: After three months the client comes into the salon and the extensions are removed. They can be reused and reapplied to the new growth.


HOW-TO: Chemical-Free Highlights and Hair Color to Avoid Breakage

HOW-TO: Chemical-Free Highlights and Hair Color to Avoid Breakage

While at the Hotheads hair extension headquarters in Hollywood, Florida, MODERN editor Alison Shipley got the low down from educators on how extensions aren’t just great for adding volume and body, they can also be a solution to chemical-free hair color!

Imagine, your client has color sensitivities, or the ends of her hair are compromised so she can’t be lightened, or her doctor recommended she avoid hair color due to allergies or a high-risk first term of pregnancy. That’s where extensions can help!

In this quick clip, see how Micros tape-in extensions work, how they are maintained, and the results your client can expect to achieve.