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HOW-TO: Create an A-List Faux Bob

This story is via ModernSalon.com

Jennifer Anniston, Reese Witherspoon, Jenny McCarthy and Chelsea Handler are just some of the A-listers with sexy new bobs. It’s a fresh look for spring/summer, but some clients just aren’t into the big chop. Ruth RocheArtistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, suggests creating a faux bob using braids and lacing to take the length up – it will put a spring in any girl’s step. See the video on HERE!

“A faux bob is a great look to offer a client for a special event, it’s not going to be a look they want to tackle every day,” says Roche.

STEP 1: Section the top area of the head and pin up.

STEP 2: The bottom hair will be braided into four vertical sections with three strand braids – right over center, left over center, etc., adding to both sides as you go and securing an elastic about 4” from the bottom of each section. This flattens the area, creates a base for pinning and brings the length up.

STEP 3: Tuck the braids up and secure with a pin, leaving the last 4” to hang.

STEP 4: Lace ends to shorten and expand hair to spread it out.

STEP 5: Drop the top portion of hair, lace it to shorten the length and gather and pin hair up so the ends are roughly the same length as the ends of the braids.

STEP 6: Any shorter top layers or fringe (depending on length/type of original haircut) can be arranged to fall over the previous layers to blend.

STEP 7: Finish with Pureology Strengthening Control zero dulling hairspray for soft touchable hold

5 Tips For Stylists: How To Stay Happy


Via ModernSalon.com

Brittney Carmichael is a favorite with her clients not only because of her skill level but also for her positive vibes that people pick up on. On the website for her salon, OMG Hairstyles in Frisco, TX, Carmichael’s husband praises his wife and all hairdressers: “She’s the person you share your life with who never judges….She’s your friend. Plus she makes you shine.”

As our Healthy Hairdresser of the Week, Brit Carmichael shares her “5 Tips for the Busy Stylist to Increase Energy!” We especially like #5—check it out:

1. Take a 30-minute break! Schedule a break during your busy schedule just for yourself. A quiet and calming 15 minutes does wonders for your overall state of health and happiness!! Follow that with a 15-minute “work window” to return calls, send emails and make product orders.

2. Relax between appointments. Make it a priority to relax your mind and body by taking ten deep breaths before you move on to your next guest. It is a great way to balance the mind and body and prepare yourself to be of service to the next guest. It is our job as stylists to command the energy of the conversation. When we are relaxed, we can help our guests to become more relaxed as well.

3. Grab a snack! Prepare quick and easy—but healthful—foods that you can eat on the go. Chopped-up veggie sticks, fruit, nuts and seeds, granola and hummus dip are great suggestions for grabbing a quick boost of energy in between clients.

4. Stay hydrated! Keep a water bottle near you at all times. As a stylist, we talk a lot with our clients. Soothe your throat by adding a little lemon and honey—or cucumber!—to your water to boost your pH level for increased energy.

5. Think Happy! When you are thinking happy, you are feeling happy. Maintaining a positive mental attitude by choosing to see the goodness in every person will help keep your energy flowing freely. Focus on the beautiful qualities of life—joy, love, peace, truth and kindness.

How Cancer Patients Benefit From Massage Therapy


By: Ashley Reynoldshttp://www.handsonthesoul.com

There is nothing worse than hearing you have a diagnosis of cancer, no matter what form it may come in. The words are undoubtedly something no one ever looks forward to hearing. However, researchers have found that massage therapy can be very beneficial for cancer patients. Below are some of the ways that patients can benefit from massaging therapy:

Pain is one of the main symptoms that frequently accompany mesothelioma and other forms of cancer. There was a study conducted in 1999 by the National Cancer Institute. Approximately half of the cancer centers in the study offered massage therapy along with traditional cancer treatments. The results of the study were that the subjects who received massage therapy noticed that they did not experience as much pain.

A massage can also help improve blood circulation of the patient.  As a result, improved blood circulation allows more oxygen and nutrients to flow to the organs and tissues. This can help speed up the healing process.

On top of experiencing an assortment of body aches and pains, mentally many cancer patients suffer from depression. There has been evidence to suggest that regular massages can alleviate some of the symptoms of depression; however, researchers believe that since a massage can promote relaxation, it can also help a person feel better about themselves physically and mentally.

Both cancer and the treatments can cause a person to suffer from chronic fatigue. Massages have been shown to reduce fatigue and increase energy levels due to the release of endorphins. Additionally, a massage can also help promote restful sleep since insomnia is a leading symptom with cancer patients.

Researches at the National Cancer Institute have also found that regular massages can also help improve a patient’s overall quality of life. They believe that massage therapy helps improve a patient’s quality of life by reducing pain and increasing energy levels. Massage therapy gives a patient a chance to take their mind of off some of life’s every day stresses and gives them the opportunity to relax both their body and mind for a few moments.

All cancer patients need to talk to their doctor about massage therapy to find a treatment that will work best for you and your cancer’s needs. If massage can be beneficial to the healing process, why not soak up all that it has to offer? Give your mind, body and spirit a vacation and start feeling better about yourself from the inside out and go grab a massage today!

Eight Resources for the Professional Massage Therapist

A helpful read for any massage therapist out there. 

Finding the things you need on the web can be difficult and time-consuming. We have compiled a list of eight resources with websites that are easy to use so that you can find exactly what you need for your practice without wasting a moment of your time endlessly searching through innumerable sites.

Massage Supplies:

Got Your Back has everything a massage therapist could possibly need, all on one website. They have a large selection of tables and chairs, and many of them come with free shipping. They carry cushions, massage tools, oils, aromatherapy, decor, and more. You could set up your entire practice without ever leaving this website.

Massage Warehouse is jam-packed with tables (many with options), chairs, oils and creams, linens, and everything else to set yourself up in style. While they do not offer free shipping on any of their products, they make up for it with one-stop shopping and their aggressive pursuit of the lowest possible shipping fees for you. Like Got Your BackMassage Warehouse has everything you need in one place.

Massage-Tools.com offers a wide variety of things, but their selection of tables and chairs is particularly good. They offer free ground shipping on portable tables and chairs, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their tables. The savings off of the retail price tend to be on the low end, but the savings in shipping tends to make up for that.

Massage Oils:

Young Living Essential Oils offer therapeutic grade oils that have been researched in Europe.They have several pre-mixed oil blends, such as their Relaxation blend, which is a combination of tangerine, rosewood, spearmint, peppermint, ylang ylang, and lavender. If you prefer to do your own blending, they sell their deeply nourishing carrier oils and essential oils separately, allowing you to create something especially unique to your practice.

The Aromatherapy Place carries a wide variety of essential oils, blends, spa supplies, and massage oils. Their massage oils are entirely natural and have a wonderful glide. They come in many different sizes, and clearly explain the ingredients and recommendations on the website. Two examples are Renaissance, for encouraging creativity while relaxing the body, and Nourish is, as its name implies, for deep comfort when a great deal of stress has been experienced.

Massage and Bodywork Software:
Bodywork Buddy is geared specifically toward massage and bodywork professionals, to allow you to track your finances, clients, the medical history of your clients and notes on each session, and more. If you find yourself overwhelmed trying to keep track of everything, Bodywork Buddy should help you get sorted out.

Massage Laws for the United States and Canada:

MassageMag.com has listings for the forty-two states and four Canadian provinces that offer some sort of credential or licensure for professional massage therapists. Their listings typically include a website and a phone number, plus the number of hours you need to be properly licensed.

Liability Insurance:

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals is both a school and an insurance provider for massage therapists. Their liability insurance is extensive, offering coverage for legal defense, protection against late-filed claims, coverage for multiple work sites so that you are protected while preforming massage at another location, as well as covering you if you are instructing, and the list goes on. They have been managed by the same underwriter for nearly a decade, and they have the experience you need to feel safe.
Our guest contributor is Elise Degrass. Elise writes on Massage Therapy Schools for Massage Therapy.net

Muscle Imbalance and Massage Therapy – via LEGITMASSAGE.COM


Article by legitmassage.com

Massage therapy is an excellent alternative to invasive procedures like surgery when it comes to treatment of postural dysfunctions and body asymmetries. While the bones in our body are considered the building blocks it is what is connecting them to each other that we rely to have a proper function and posture. Symmetry of muscles which allows fascial tension and joint mobility are all necessary to achieve appropriate posture and function. Most of us are born with our spine in flexion. Routinely, barring any negative medical issues, our spines form their cervical and lumbar curves as we learn to hold our heads up and sit up and walk respectively. It is not until we develop habits and behaviors as we progress through life that we normally begin to deviate from proper function and posture.

How many of you lean to one side when you are in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles? It may be a short wait, not likely at the DMV, but even a short time in such asymmetric posture can cause a fascial or muscle imbalance. Such imbalances if not rectified with exercise (or massage therapy) can, over time, lead to changes so profound they affect the bones in the body. A lifetime of imbalance can lead to pain and dysfunction and if severe may require surgery to alleviate. You don’t want to get to this place.

I joke with my wife sometimes when we are watching  (both big fans) that if Jim Morrison were alive today, his body would be a wreck. Taking the illicit drugs out of the equation, all the posturing (for lack of a better word), and the rock star poses surely would have led him down the road to a lifetime of pain and dysfunction. Using the Lizard King as an example: He had the innate ability to cock his head to the right side, elevate the left shoulder, throw the right hips out while putting the legs and left ankle in a “knock-kneed” position with pronation. One could argue that he looked good doing it, but one could also make conjecture after an entire lifetime of such poses that his later years would be full of pain and misery.

That is not to say that postural dysfunctions have to always affect the bones. Some imbalances are what we term functional dysfunction and can be altered because they do not involve the boney structures but instead the muscles, fascia and ligaments. Massage therapy and other CAM therapies are excellent for treating such functional imbalances. The basic principle for treating postural dysfunctions like scoliosis, hyper-kyphosis and hyperlordosis is to first assess and then stretch any short muscles and strengthen weak muscles. That is to say the therapist stretches and mobilizes short tight muscles and their joints with fascial spreading techniques and trigger point therapy as well as post-isometric relaxation techniques to increase the length of muscles combined with joint play. While massage therapy does not increase strength, quicker more upbeat techniques can increase muscle tone. The strengthening of weak and over stretched muscles is done after and between therapy sessions as part of a resistance based self-care regimen. It should also be noted that not all asymmetries are the same or cause profound functional changes. No one is born perfect and some body asymmetry exists in all of us. Simply put, if the asymmetry does not include an imbalance that causes pain, then it does not require fixing. However, if you are suffering pain from an existing muscle imbalance, it does not have to be The End. Legitimate licensed massage therapy may just be what helps you Break On Through.

Kip Yates, LMT was trained at the Swedish Institute in New York City and is New York State and Texas State licensed. He is owner and operator of Massage Refresh in New York City where he provides Swedish wellness and recuperative Deep Tissue massage that encompasses myofascial release and trigger point therapy. Kip lives in Brooklyn with his wife and three children and also practices at Physiofitness Physical Therapy in Soho.