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Manic Panic: Meet Founders Snooky and Tish

It all started in 1977 when sisters Snooky and Tish Bellomo offered interesting, fun and eclectic items in their St. Mark’s Place store in NYC. No other store could compete with their hot and fun beauty products so the sisters ran with it…especially their fun hair colors. Credited with beginning the trend (and a leader in the category), devoted fans still count on Manic Panic to help them express their own color wheel. Cyndi Lauper, a fan of the yellow, once called in a Manic “Panic” as she was low on her stash.


When not attending trade shows, Snooky and Tish (not hairdressers) perform as back up singers in a rock band, but it appears their true passion is sporting vibrant hair colors. Snooky always stays in the blue family while Tish stays pinkish, but loves to play around.

MODERN caught up with the ever fabulous Snooky and Tish to learn about their own shades and to learn more them. They really are fantastic.


HAIR COLLECTION: A Wink and a Nod to ’70s Hair Styles


Via ModernSalon.com

Salon owner, hairdresser, and owner of Cool Beauty ConsultingBennie Pollard has made it his mission to spin the positive among those who come in contact with him on a daily basis. Pollard, a multiple NAHA winner, is the owner of the award-winning Hair by Bennie and Friends Salon in Louisville, KY, and creator of BennieFactor andGAGE FOR MEN products.

In this hair collection created by Pollard called b Confident, it features integrated layering which provides freedom and movement to the hair, and perimeter layering which provides subtle graduations. Utilizing these advanced layering techniques showcases the brilliant tone-on-tone dimensional color. With layers, texture and personality, b Confident is a modern view of this pivotal decade.


Hair: Bennie Pollard and his Cool Beauty Consulting Team: Paula Henson, Lindsay Simanek, Christy Sowder, Rachel Ehringer, and Brittany Griffith

Make-up: Lesa Miller

Photos: Ed Brown

2014 Top Men’s Trends

2014 Men's Trends

Slicked back hair with shaved sides and an undercut back has dominated the runways and magazines since last year. The trend is still going strong, especially for men with wavy, curly, and thick hair that benefit from significant pruning. This clean cut yet edgy look isn’t going anywhere but has constant variations depending on personal style. This style will sit through at least the first quarter of 2014. Click on the photo for the full album!

5 Tips For Stylists: How To Stay Happy


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Brittney Carmichael is a favorite with her clients not only because of her skill level but also for her positive vibes that people pick up on. On the website for her salon, OMG Hairstyles in Frisco, TX, Carmichael’s husband praises his wife and all hairdressers: “She’s the person you share your life with who never judges….She’s your friend. Plus she makes you shine.”

As our Healthy Hairdresser of the Week, Brit Carmichael shares her “5 Tips for the Busy Stylist to Increase Energy!” We especially like #5—check it out:

1. Take a 30-minute break! Schedule a break during your busy schedule just for yourself. A quiet and calming 15 minutes does wonders for your overall state of health and happiness!! Follow that with a 15-minute “work window” to return calls, send emails and make product orders.

2. Relax between appointments. Make it a priority to relax your mind and body by taking ten deep breaths before you move on to your next guest. It is a great way to balance the mind and body and prepare yourself to be of service to the next guest. It is our job as stylists to command the energy of the conversation. When we are relaxed, we can help our guests to become more relaxed as well.

3. Grab a snack! Prepare quick and easy—but healthful—foods that you can eat on the go. Chopped-up veggie sticks, fruit, nuts and seeds, granola and hummus dip are great suggestions for grabbing a quick boost of energy in between clients.

4. Stay hydrated! Keep a water bottle near you at all times. As a stylist, we talk a lot with our clients. Soothe your throat by adding a little lemon and honey—or cucumber!—to your water to boost your pH level for increased energy.

5. Think Happy! When you are thinking happy, you are feeling happy. Maintaining a positive mental attitude by choosing to see the goodness in every person will help keep your energy flowing freely. Focus on the beautiful qualities of life—joy, love, peace, truth and kindness.

3 Year Old Has Best Hair Tutorial Video Ever?

Well…. It’s definitely the cutest hair tutorial ever! Watch internet sensation, 3-year-old Riley Elle, adorably teach the world how to do a twist out! You might learn something too!

Hair Advice For The Fellas




You may have noticed that it’s nearly impossible to recreate the styling perfection your hair person is able give you after a cut — even if you go immediately home, rinse, and use the same exact product. Why is this? A gut feeling may tell you it’s because you’re not a hair care professional. And your person is, in fact, a pro. But that’s not the problem.

The real reason you’re unable to recreate that momentary post-cut masterpiece is because the act of cutting hair — all that pulling, brushing, combing, wetting, and, most importantly, the half-hour or so of fingers through your locks — effects how your hair falls. Especially all that touching, which aside from being eerily similar to ape behavior and feeling nice, pulls your scalp’s natural oils through the follicles and leaves a fair amount of oil from your stylist’s hands in your hair. This might sound a little primitive (and maybe unsanitary), but all-natural oils are actually some of the best and healthiest styling agents for your hair.

“These natural oils bring your hair down, give you more texture, and add plenty of luster,” says Losi, a one-named stylist at NYC’s high-end Martial Vivot salon who regularly does the hair of guys like Jake Gyllenhaal, Bradley Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake, Matthew McConaughey… You get it. She gets asked for by one name. And according to Losi, the best way to get the salon effect at home is simple, and just as primal as letting some random person stick their fingers in your hair. “You can get salon hair at home by not washing your hair regularly.” So there it is: your free pass to be a dirtbag.

Though, not exactly. “Please do rinse regularly,” she implores, “and if you’re a product guy, just be sure to use one that is water-soluble so it comes out in the process.” According to Losi, that means avoiding products that contain silicone, mineral oil, and petrolatum (the last two of which are derivatives of crude oil), because you need the power of shampoo to clean them up. And if your hair stuff takes a hefty scrubbing to come out in the shower, it’s probably got one of these ingredients in it.

Martial Vivot just launched a line of robust hair products that features a creme, paste, and gel that are all based in a very water-soluble organic aloe leaf juice. There’s also quinoa protein, antioxidants, and an amino acid complex, meaning the styling products are pampering your hair just like a good shampoo and conditioner. And they’ll rinse right out, leaving those essential oils in place and making it all the easier to achieve the look you’ve been, well, looking for.

So, if you want that post-cut-perfect style, you can proceed with the above plan. Or you can just run your hands through your hair for 30 minutes every morning after you shampoo. Up to you.

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